Union Group is an international business group specializing in international distribution and regional agent services for the world’s most recognized brands. Product categories cover camera, audio visual, printers, stationery, toys, cosmetics, watches, milk powder, food & beverages, alcohol, cigarettes, etc. The group has served over 3,000 business partners in over 100 countries worldwide. The annual turnover has reached USD 512 millions in 2017. Currently, there are over 10,000 regular SKU valuing at USD 46 millions. The group consists of 6 companies specialized in different product fields. Each company is operated by a professional team independently. There are over 200 full-time staff at present.

Group Structure


Union Duty-free Ltd.

Skin Care, PerfumesMakeup & Accessories, Nail Products, Sun Care Products,  Aromatherapy Products, Hair Products, Health Products 


Union Luxury Ltd.

Watches, Jewelry,  Lighters, Sunglasses, Handbags, Suitcases, Kitchen WareApparel


Union Distribution Ltd.

Toiletries, Baby Products, Personal Care, Household, 

Health Care Products, Chinese Medicine


Union Border Trade Ltd.

Confectionery, Beer & Wine, Liquor & Spirit Food, Beverage & Grocery


Union Camera Hong Kong Ltd.

Photography Equipment, Personal Care Electronics, 

Home Appliances, Audio Visual Gadgets


Union Computer Supplies Ltd.

Original Printer Supplies,Original Copier Supplies,

Printer, Copier, Scanner, Computer Hardware, 

Storage Device, Stationary, Writing Instruments, Toys,

“ION” Printer & Copier Supplies,   

“ION” Mobile Accessory



 Some business facts about Union Group

 Annual Sales: USD 512 millions

 Stock level: USD 46 millions

 Self-owned warehouse: Over 100,000 square feet

 Group Staff:  200 

 Cameras have been with us since Day 1, and still.



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